Advancements in Technology

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Advancements in Technology

Research and Development (R&D) drives continuous improvement across our operations, leading to more effective, efficient and sustainable practices. Investments in technology and innovation have long been a priority for Canadian Natural. Our investments focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and water use, managing tailings and land use, while increasing productivity and resource recovery, and reducing operating costs.

Supporting research, while developing and adopting innovative technology, enables improved environmental performance. For instance, leveraging technology is a key part of our GHG emissions reduction strategy.

We are proud of the innovation and technologies that have allowed us to continue to do better. We evaluate and invest in a wide range of projects and technologies at different stages of readiness, from discovery and design to development and deployment. These include carbon capture and sequestration/storage, tailings management and steam efficiencies.

Industry leading research and development

Canadian Natural is one of the top R&D investors for the crude oil and natural gas sector in Canada, with $3.4 billion invested since 2009. Being a leading R&D investor, Canadian Natural is in a unique position to find innovative ways to enhance environmental practices, playing a major role in responsibly meeting the world’s energy needs.

To learn more about applied technologies, read our 2018 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Many of Canadian Natural’s investments are in collaboration or partnership with industry, academia and/or government. Read more about how these collaborations are improving industry's performance.

Culture of innovation

A culture of innovation and leveraging technology are key to accelerating innovation, reducing risk and advancing projects to commercialization faster. New technology takes time to test and commercialize, and therefore, working together, coordinating efforts and collaborating is essential to move up the technology curve faster. Innovation and continuous improvement drive sustainable operations and long-term value.

Canadian Natural’s culture of continuous improvement is a competitive advantage driving top tier performance. Another tool we use to drive continuous improvement is the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) business methodology, to facilitate process integration and improvements in process quality and operational reliability.

Our Technology and Innovation team

Canadian Natural's Technology and Innovation (TI) team supports technology development efforts across the Company. The team manages technology information to accelerate technology adoption and strengthen our internal expertise by facilitating collaborations both internally and externally, and coordinating resources and investment.

As part of driving continuous improvement, the team focuses on understanding our business challenges and opportunities, finding and assessing technology and connecting employees with projects, research, technologies and innovations in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

We are also proud of our strong relationships with the academic community across North America. Canadian Natural works with industry, vendors, governments and academic institutions to invest in a wide range of R&D disciplines. The TI team also manages external partnerships and technical collaborations to ensure we are making strategic decisions, maintaining transparency, and ultimately, driving results.

To share information and technology proposals, visit our Technology Portal.