Health and Safety

Corporate Responsibility

Health and Safety

Safety is a Core Value

At Canadian Natural, safety is a core value that underlies all operational activities to reach our ultimate goal of ‘No harm to people and No safety incidents’. Our Safety Management System (SMS) protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, the public and the environment.

We foster a frontline-driven safety culture, where everyone contributes to making the workplace safer. Our Safety Excellence programs emphasizes participation and safety leadership at all levels, starting with management and including every employee and contractor, to ensure company-wide alignment.

To incorporate the experiences and expertise of those who use the SMS on a daily basis, employees and contractors are encouraged to provide feedback. We promote an 80% field presence for our frontline supervisors every day to reinforce our safety culture. Workforce engagement continuously improves our safety performance and our SMS across our operations by identifying potential risks and mitigation measures.

Delivering Safety Excellence

In 2018, Canadian Natural achieved its lowest corporate Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) in Company history. We continue to focus on continuous improvement by embedding safety into all our activities. Highlights of our safety performance and programs are available in our 2018 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Safety Excellence programs

  • Safety Excellence Mission Statement Meetings (SEMSM). Senior management actively participates and promotes our safety culture by leading safety meetings with all field operations staff, supervisors, and contractors. Safety meetings are combined with Mission Statement Meetings, which help communicate targets and allow frontline personnel to provide direct feedback to senior management. The SEMSM format includes a tour for management the day prior to the meeting to increase their presence in the field. Read more about our SEMSMs in our 2018 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.
  • Contractor Safety Excellence Meetings. Management from contractors and Canadian Natural work together with a focus on reducing incidents. Working together, we identify issues and establish measurable action items to improve worker safety.
  • Worksite Safety Observations (WSOs). This hazard assessment program is improving worksite behaviours through observation of staff and contractors, equipment, processes and procedures. WSOs occur at our worksites on a daily basis and play a significant role in frontline safety, by reducing injuries and promoting our ‘working together’ philosophy.
  • Supervisor training. To support the WSO program, improve the quality of our safety conversations and enhance coaching skills, our Safety teams provide supervisor training. These sessions strengthen frontline accountability and leadership skills, preparing supervisors for an active role supporting workers’ assessments, and identifying and removing behaviours that contribute to injuries.

Contractor Safety

With our vast workforce of contractors and service providers, it is important that we work together to enhance safety practices and communicate expectations. Our frontline-driven SMS, strong management support and collaboration with contractors continue to improve workplace safety.

Our WSO program and Contractor Safety Excellence Meetings continue to improve contractor safety performance company-wide every year, reducing our overall corporate TRIF. Key to driving overall corporate performance improvement is the identification of trends by reporting employee and contractor safety data combined. See our safety performance data in our 2018 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders. Learn more about how we work with contractors.