East Natural Gas Region

East Natural Gas Region

This region includes shallow, sweet dry natural gas areas in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This area provides significant optionality for future natural gas development. Included in this region are both the Northern Plains and Southern Plains regions.

The Northern Plains region extends from just south of Edmonton to north of Fort McMurray and from the Northwest Alberta area extending into western Saskatchewan. Over most of the region, both sweet and sour natural gas reserves are produced from numerous productive zones at depths up to approximately 1,500 meters. In the southwest portion of the region, NGLs and light crude oil are also encountered at slightly greater depths.

The Southern Plains area is principally located south of the Northern Plains area to the United States border and extending into western Saskatchewan.

Reserves of natural gas, condensate and light gravity crude oil are contained in numerous productive zones at depths up to 2,300 meters. Unlike the Company’s other three natural gas producing regions, which have areas with limited or winter access only, drilling can take place in this region throughout the year.

The Company maintains a large inventory of drilling locations on its land base in this region. This region is one of the more mature regions of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and requires continual operational cost control through efficient utilization of existing facilities, flexible infrastructure design and consolidation of interests where appropriate to ensure we maximize returns from the area.